Marigold Market Bag CAL Part 3

You’re in the home stretch now! You’ve completed the mandala base, the mesh body, and now you’re ready to finish off with the straps! Just getting started? Catch up on Part 1 and Part 2, and be sure to join the Marigold Market Bag CAL Facebook group to ask and answer questions and to share your progress. AND if you are sharing on social media, be sure to use #MarigoldMarketBag and / or #LaBelleVieForMe to show off your work!

Crochet-A-Long Part 3: Straps

Stitches & Abbreviations (US Terms)

  • Magic Circle / Adjustable Ring
  • Chain (ch)
  • Chain Space (ch sp)
  • Skip (sk)
  • Slip Stitch (sl st)
  • Single Crochet (sc)
  • Single Crochet 2 Together (sc2tog)
  • Half Double Crochet (hdc)
  • Double Crochet (dc)
  • Double Crochet 3 Together (dc3tog)
  • Treble Crochet (tr)
  • 3 Double Crochet Cluster (3dcCl)

Finished Measurements

Finished Mandala (up to round 13): 9” / 23 cm diameter
Bag Height (round 14 – 37): 15.25” / 38.75 cm


6 sc x 6 rows = 1.375” / 3.5 cm square


  • Catch up on Part 1: Mandala Base here.
  • Catch up on Part 2: Mesh Body here.
  • This pattern is written in US Standard terms.
  • Chain stitches at beginning of rounds do not count as a stitch unless otherwise noted.
  • Photo tutorials for the Double Crochet 3 Together (dc3tog) and the 3 Double Crochet Cluster (3dcCl) can be found in Materials & Requirements.
  • This pattern is worked in joined rounds, unless otherwise noted in the pattern.
  • Slip stitches used to close rounds are NOT counted in the stitch count for that round.
  • Round 2 is worked using the chains from your cluster stitch as stitches themselves, so that the pattern can increase accordingly in the round.
  • Some rounds will end with a double crochet or treble crochet into the beginning stitch of that round instead of finishing a space using all chains.  This is so that the start of the next round begins in the center of that chain set.
  • I recommend a stitch marker for your repeating mesh rounds, as it is difficult to see where you started when you work back around.

Marigold Market Bag Part 3: Straps

*******Want the pattern all in one place? You can purchase a printable version of this pattern, complete with photo tutorials, round by round pictures, and, available only with your PDF purchase, a stitch chart for the mandala! Find the pattern in both my Etsy and Ravelry shops.*******

Want the stitch chart? It’s ONLY available with purchase of the printable PDF version of the pattern in my Etsy and Ravelry stores

The strap will be worked in turned rows, starting where you closed the last round.  The number of rows depends on whether you prefer a shorter shoulder strap (85 rows, 19.5” / 49.5 cm) or a longer cross body strap (120 rows, 27.5” / 70 cm).  Keep in mind that the bag and strap will stretch with use.

R1: Ch 1, sc into each of the next 6 sts, turn

R2 – 85/120: Repeat R1.

Attach to the opposite side via your preferred method (slip stitch, sc, or sewn).  Tie off, weave in ends!


That’s it, you’re done! Congratulations! Give yourself a pat on the back, then share pictures of your finished bag on social media with the tags #MarigoldMarketBag and / or #LaBelleVieForMe because I want to see!

If you have any problems with the pattern, make sure you’ve joined the Facebook Marigold Market Bag CAL group! There is a whole community of people working on this same pattern who can help you out. Not on Facebook? That’s okay too! If you have any questions, please comment below or contact me!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this pattern! Thank you for going along on the ride with me! I have more patterns in store yet, so make sure you have subscribed to the blog so you don’t miss a post! Follow along with me on Instagram @labellevie_bykristen or on Facebook @lbvbk to stay updated!

Happy crocheting!

All rights reserved.  This design, pattern, and images are the property of Kristen Caldwell via La Belle Vie by Kristen and This pattern is for personal use.  Items made using this pattern can be sold with credit given to La Belle Vie by Kristen and Hooks Books and Wanderlust.  In accordance with U.S. copyright laws, you may not alter, sell, or distribute this pattern in whole or in part, in any way without express written permission from Kristen Caldwell.

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