How To Add Fringe to Your Crochet Project

Oh my gosh, guys, I did a thing. I…GULP…created my very own YouTube channel Hooks, Books, & Wanderlust!

In an effort to be a bit more beginner-friendly on the site, I am planning to make videos to supplement my crochet patterns. I’m not trying to re-invent the wheel, and there are tons of great crochet tutorials out there. I just want to better illustrate some aspects of patterns for those who may not be as experienced in the art.

So, with that, I introduce you to my very first (on YouTube anyway) crochet tutorial video. And it isn’t actually crocheting, it is showing people how to add fringe to their projects, as the next pattern I plan to release will have fringe, because, when in doubt, fringe!

Well, how’d I do? Sorry if you got a bit sea sick…I had my lovely assistant, HBAW Hubby, holding my phone, since I don’t have a tripod or any filming contraptions yet.

If you guys would like to see more videos, I will definitely look into getting some stabilizing equipment at the least. I plan to upload the Kiss Stitch video from Instagram to my new channel as well, at some point Or if you have any particular requests (stitches you’d like to learn, or maybe there is a particular part of a pattern you’ve had problems with and would like me to do a video on), let me know and I will see what I can do!

Now that this is out in the big wide world (does my voice really sound like that?), I am going to go hide in the closet for a bit.

Until next time!

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