Foundation Half Double Crochet Photo Tutorial

Hi friends!

I’m beginning a series of posts geared toward crochet stitch tutorials. Most of my patterns are beginner friendly, but they definitely cater more toward the advanced beginner…someone who is familiar with the basics and is ready to dip their toe into trying new fun stitches and techniques.

It is my most fervent hope to add to these tutorials as I release patterns that include these more advanced stitches and techniques, and maybe, hopefully, someday, get some videos posted as well. Until that happens, I will link to videos from other bloggers. I’m not trying to reinvent the wheel, but it does seem that people can view a tutorial on the same stitch but only really GET IT with one of them.

So lets get started, shall we?  The tutorial I’m sharing with you today first appeared in my Basic Crochet Coffee Cozy last year (there’s a free template there for you too if you are interested!).

Foundation Half Double Crochet Tutorial

Foundation half double crochet is a method used to work the starting chain stitches and your first row of half double crochet stitches at the same time.  It has more stretch than the traditional starting chain foundation, which make it easier to slide over your cups.  I also like it because it’s easier to make sure it isn’t twisted when it comes time to join into a round.

Step 1: Start with a slip knot on the hook.  Then chain 2.  One of these chains is the bottom chain under the stitch, the other is to give height to the row.

Step 2: Yarn over, and insert your hook into the back bump of the second chain from your hook (the very first chain you made).  Yarn over again, pull up a loop.  You should have 3 loops on your hook.

Step 3: Yarn over, pull yarn through the first loop on your hook, forming a chain-1.  You should still have 3 loops on your hook when done.

Step 4: Now you’ll work your half double crochet as normal.  Yarn over, pull through all 3 loops on your hook.  You’ve made your first fhdc!

Step 5: For the next fhdc, and all subsequent fhdcs, you will yarn over, insert your hook under the top two loops of the bottom chain from the previous stitch, yarn over, and pull up a loop.  You will have 3 loops on your hook.  Repeat steps 3 & 4 above to complete the stitch.

If you are interested in a video tutorial for this stitch, Tamara at Moogly Blog has a wonderful video on her YouTube channel.

That’s it, my friends! What did you think? For someone who hates chaining (me!!), it’s a wonderful and efficient alternative, and avoids that tight chain foundation at the same time.

If you liked the foundation half double crochet, I’ll be adding more foundation stitch tutorials soon, so stay tuned!

Until next time,

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