Tester Application

Hi! Thanks so much for your interest in becoming a pattern tester for me!  I am looking for detail-oriented people of varying levels of experience with crochet to help me make my new patterns the best they can be. The benefits? You’ll get first crack at a brand new pattern, a free printable version of the pattern, increased exposure to your own social media presence, and maybe even make some new friends along the way!  So if that sounds good to you, read on!

If you’re selected to test a pattern, I will contact you via email with the pattern particulars (a photo of the item, materials, and completion dates) and you will have 24 hours to reply that you want in on the test.  If I haven’t heard back from you within 24 hours, I will move on to the next tester on my list.  Once I have your consent to test, I will send you the pattern.  You will be responsible for purchasing all necessary materials for the pattern, completing the pattern by the required date (with any notes, grammar|spelling|punctuation corrections etc), and sharing any progress and finished photos on social media with given hashtags (where applicable) that I may share on my social as well, with credit to you of course!

In the past, I have run pattern tests on Slack, a free app for phone, tablet and desktop that can be found in most app stores.  I find it very useful in uploading files to be shared with a particular work group/channel, and the entire testing group, as well as myself, will be available to answer questions if the need arises.  You can create your free account at Slack.com.